Jessica’s International Relations

In May 2017, I will be graduating with two masters, one in Public Relations (to communicate my message) and one in International Relations (to globalize my message). My background in International Relations has helped to frame my perspective in addressing American political and policy issues. I identify as a Constructivist with Feminist IR leanings and intended to use this depth of perspective to better inform the decisions I will make in my career in public policy and affairs. The following are some examples of the research I have done surrounding American foreign policy and international relations.

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American Foreign Policy:

Persuasion Essay from the White House President Obama on the Salvadorean Refugee Crisis

The Domestic and International Tobacco Industries Effect on the Trans-Pacific Partnership

International Relations Book Reports:

Book Report: Isolate or Engage

Book Report: Hot, Flat and Crowded

Relations to the Middle East: Belgium Case Studies

Public Diplomacy Case Study on the Growing Muslim Minority in Belgium

Relations Between Belgium and Syria

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