Jessica on Elections & Politics

My main passion and career goal is to work in domestic American politics and government as a public policy and political affairs strategist and analyst. Positions as a lobbyist, working on political campaigns and working for legislators (as I currently plan to do) are all of interest to me on my path to ultimately run for public office myself. The following are some examples of the research I have done surrounding American elections and politics.



How Disproportionate Wealth Affects the American Election System

An Analysis of the Effects of Race on Albany County Voting for Hillary Clinton for Senator of New York

Route to Hillary Clinton’s Leadership Position

Assessing Stress in Hillary Clinton During the Three Presidential Debates 2016

Hillary Clinton’s Decision To Vote In Favor of the Iraq War Resolution of 2002

Liberal Progressive Party (“Democratic Party”) Crisis Final

Underrepresentation of Women in U.S. Public Office & the ERA: Issue Analysis


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